Know Your Copy Rights


About the Initiative

Krista Cox

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) undertook the Know Your Copy Rights initiative to accentuate the positive in campus copyright educational efforts.

Recent discussion of copyright on campuses has been dominated by peer-to-peer music sharing and the risks of violating the law, fostering the perception that copyright is all about what you can’t do. In fact, the law specifically provides for a range of things that can be done, and includes special provisions for educational purposes.

Sharing of information is vital to the functioning of the academy and Know Your Copy Rights aims to enhance and broaden campus understanding of the opportunities provided it in the law.

The Know Your Copy Rights initiative was developed by ARL and attorney Peggy Hoon, a well-regarded copyright specialist. Peggy is based at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and served as ARL's first Visiting Scholar for Campus Copyright and Intellectual Property. To further ensure the accuracy and practicality of resources provided, panels of leading university counsels and copyright educators in research libraries provided advice on the project.